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Sustainability Survey

Project leader(s): Aditya Deshpande

School(s) Involved: The International School Bangalore (TISB)

City: Bangalore

As an organisation we endeavour to provide the best services for our customers. The inspiration that drove us to start this project was because we wanted to broaden our outreach with organisations who had already made an impact in Bangalore.

Our head at LEAP, Aditya Deshpande had initially contacted the head of communications at Daily Dump Ms Vinita for starting a possible project for us as it would be really beneficial for us to know how to interact with people and gain important communication skills. Plus this project taught us to be efficient when it comes to work.

The project that Daily Dump had given us was to gather important feedback about Daily Dump’s composting services and what aspects of environmental degradation still remained a concern for customers. This vital information allowed Daily Dump to analyse the benefits and disadvantages of its customer products as well as information on what NGOs to collaborate on for the future.

Furthermore we created an online survey, which evaluated a group's mindset and involvement with sustainability. Covering topics such as Waste management, water conservation, renewable energy and more, the survey was very comprehensive. We recommend that people, interested in conducting an environmental initiative in their community, should first get an understanding of the issues that people of the community are really interested in and keen on helping with, using this survey.

Check out the survey over here!

The challenges we had incurred were several. For example, while doing the survey some customers were busy and not willing to do the survey. So we had to find a way to make them fill the survey by sending them the survey by mail or by asking them for only 10 minutes of their time which often was not minded by consumers. Another challenge we faced was that some customers would not pick up their phones so this meant that we had to be patient and try several times to catch them.

Overall this project was also effective in gaining new contacts of environmental projects such as Ms Padma who was vital in providing key information about other NGOS who would further broaden our outreach. The survey process really inspired us to do more for the environment as we heard truly inspiring stories about how Daily Dump’s customers had already worked to preserve the environment.

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