Effective Recycling Campaign

Project Leader(s): Esha Nair, Yash Agarwal

School(s) Involved: The International School Bangalore (TISB)

City: Bangalore

As students, we have a duty to protect and cherish our grounds and ensure that future generations can use our space without discomfort. Numerous threats to the environment cause destruction of the ecosystem, however, one of the most serious dangers to this ideal is the waste problem.

TISB had implemented a segregation system by allocating three different bins, green bin for wet waste, blue bin for dry waste, and red bin for reject waste. However, students did not have a clear understanding of the method, hence dropped their trash without correct segregation. Therefore, the project team decided to provide a solution for the poor management of the recycling process at TISB.

Esha Nair and Yash Agarwal, the members of the team, said,

“This year we plan to increase the effectivity of waste segregation in the school by raising awareness. This will be an eye-opening experience as we realized that the student body was misinformed about where certain types of waste belong and that it was our responsibility to raise awareness. In doing so, we hope that our small contribution, alongside many other small contributions, brings a positive impact to make our world more sustainable and to take care of our environment.”