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Eco-Achievers Quiz

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Project head(s): Joon Gu Kim, Aditya Deshpande, Anirban Dutta

Club(s)/Initiative(s) Involved: LEAP@TISB

City: Bangalore

Taking on this as our first project, it was a illuminating experience which really illustrated the challenges of coordinating awareness programs and campaigns.

The project itself was focused on igniting a passion for the environment as well as an understanding of ecology, amongst young grade 5, 6, and 7 students. We accomplished this through an interactive and engaging quiz session in October 2020. For them it was quite a refreshing change from the monotony of classes and school work.

The top 3 students from each grade were then selected to participate in the Eco-achievers quiz, a national ecology based competition in January 2020. One of our teams qualified to the next round; however they just fell short of the requirement to take part in the finals in Mumbai.

The nature of competition included multiple audio-visual prompts as well as a paper-based quiz. The quiz thoroughly challenged our student’s knowledge of the local flora and fauna and governmental policies on wildlife protection.

“I thoroughly enjoyed and learned a lot about nature through my participation in the Eco Achiever’s Quiz. It was also great to meet participants from other local schools in Bangalore and see how they had prepared for the Quiz.”

Neel K Bindiganavile Grade 6 (Participant in the Eco-achievers quiz)

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