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Joon Aditya Anirban

LEAP started off as a single club at a school with just 3 members, on the brink of being dissolved. It was those 3 members who decided to make a move that would change the playing field. A massive re-branding and recruitment campaign brought life and purpose to the club. With unbound aims of the founders, LEAP's partnerships and affiliations spread to many different school clubs and environmental organisation, and as LEAP grew, the potential to make a difference grew.


Aditya Deshpande


Passionate about the implementation of technology in the fight against global warming and climate change. 

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Genuine demonstrated interest in theoretical sciences and its applications in real-world scenarios and experienced group leader in a range of social work and advocate for change.

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Joon Gu 



Dedicated to raising public awareness of pollution and waste. Passionate about sustainable development, balancing economic growth and environmental protection.

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